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The founder and CEO of FUTUPILOT is Daniel Kojnok, a young visionaire, who has been running his own tech projects ever since he was in high school. He’s fascinated by electromobility and eco transportation. Not a long time ago, he developed an electric bike with no pedals called Likehorse.


Daniel is driven by the alarming state of global transportation. With only a few shining lights like Tesla or Fisker, Futupilot is hoping to pin it’s mark to the world’s ECO transport map. He realizes that the negative effects such as pollution, traffic jams and noise levels can be pushed away by new inventions in the tech industry.


Daniel says that a person doesn’t have to be a genius to bring a positive change to the industry. He created an open and democratic bike sharing platform called FUTUPILOT.


FUTUPILOT makes it easy for everyone to join a bike sharing community and spread the word all around the word. We’ve had enough of pollution, jams and dangerous cars. It’s time for a bike revolution, it’s time for everybody to become conscious of the world that we live in. It’s time for FUTUPILOT!


IMG_1577The co-founder of FUTUPILOT is Daniel Kojnok sr., an enthusiast and supporter of the project. Daniel sr. is actively involved in social innovation projects and that’s exactly what FUTUPILOT stands for – thousands of people can join the community and become supporters of the FUTUPILOT bike sharing project.


A co-founder is also every individual who is not indifferent and wishes to join the FUTUPILOT community. Co-founders can be bike enthusiasts, innovators, activists, bloggers, famous people, … Everyone is welcomed. We won’t make it without you. The co-founder is the essential part of FUTUPILOT, that’s why we need you!




Company details:

Jobs & Training Service, Ltd.; Cintorínska str. 7, Lucenec, Slovakia; Europe union;

OIN: 37824805; TIN: 2021604002; IBAN: SK3609000000000341326447

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